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It's time to rebuild a regenerative and resilient tourism and events economy that works for everyone. A resilient, vibrant, and flourishing industry that spreads prosperity inclusively and fairly.
In this summary, the 2019 Whitepaper is presented in a short format digestible to even those with short attention spans. ;)
Outlines the Four Building Blocks that destinations around the world will have to make use of, in order to create more sustainable events and tourism industry.
To transition towards a regenerative future, Ljubljana and Thailand have both been taking exemplary steps to reduce negative impacts of production and consumption
This short video highlights the importance of integrating the Sustainable Development Goals in order to transition towards a regenerative future. Here Copenhagen has been taking exemplary steps.
Measuring the impact of the events and tourism industry in order to transition towards a regenerative future is crucial. DMOs like Sydney have taken exemplary steps to measure and reduce their impact.
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