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Guy Bigwood presents a case study on how the high level of consumption of events can be reduced, as part of a session for the Fondazione Fiera Milano, 1.10.2019.
In this news report, Guy Bigwood talks about the importance of integrating sustainability at the core of a destinations development strategy, as part of a workshop the GDS-Index ran with Monaco's CVB.
At the GSTC Conference, the GDS-Index and EarthCheck signed an alliance to develop and launch specialised certification and services for business tourism, event and meeting cities.
Guy Bigwood presents the importance of CEX at the Fondazione Fiera Milano, 1.10.2019.
This short video covers the five Megatrends identified in our 2019 Whitepaper, that will have a significant impact on the events and tourism industry.
In this interview, Nalan Emre, COO of IMEX, shares how IMEX's pioneering vision has resulted in the adoption of sustainable practices, to minimize the negative impacts of their events.
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