Denmark’s third largest airport, Aalborg Airport (AAL) has replaced all 650 halogen spots on the runway (take-off and landing) with LED lights. This initiative both saves the Danish airport money and moves AAL towards a green profile.   Quality and Compliance Manager at Aalborg Airport, Thomas Møller states that previously Aalborg Airport spent 200,000 kWh/year but now the airport expects to use 14-15,000 kWh/year; a total saving of more than EUR 20,000 on a yearly basis.   ”Even though we use a great deal of oil in our business, we would like to do our part in thinking and becoming more sustainable,” says Thomas Møller.   The replacement of the runway light took place in August, where summer nights in Denmark are bright. It was necessary with the natural light, as the runway light had to be turned off during the replacement.   Next stop is replacing all lighting in the terminal and the parking area.