Facilitating Strategies, Narratives, and Roadmaps Towards More Regenerative Visitor Economies

Based on our experience of working with over 100 destinations, we understand that transforming a destination’s visitor economy into a regenerative force is a journey.

Our aim is to accompany destinations on the sustainability journey, helping to co-create a vision and strategy, develop teams, engage interested parties, communicate efforts, and celebrate the achievements and awards that can result from this.

Destination Support

We have worked with tourism destinations of all sizes, from small cities to megacities, from tiny regions to large ones, and even (and increasingly often) whole countries. No matter where your destination is on its sustainability journey right now, we can support you to start the process, or help you evaluate how best to continue, to empower your visitor economy to steward a thriving social, economic, and environmental destination.

Event Support

We support associations to raise the sustainability status of their event through planning, assessment and improvement, measuring and reporting, and project management. We coach through every phase of the event production process using a design-thinking approach. Our goals are to drive positive impact, activate participants, improve the event experience, encourage compliance, facilitate a higher-performing supply chain, showcase event brand sustainability, and generate attention, excitement, and engagement around the sustainability efforts.


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Development and Improvement
Development and Improvement
The creation of a strong vision and strategy is a core part of creating a high-performing, sustainable visitor economy on its way to regeneration. Using our tried and tested methods and tools, we can actively support your destination's sustainability strategy development and implementation, its storytelling, and action plans to contribute to move tourism from the path of reaction and recovery to the path of rejuvenation and "well-th".
Measurement and Reporting
Measurement and Reporting
The business and tourism industry has the potential to be a vehicle for positive and lasting change. To achieve this, it is crucial to measure and understand a destination's current social, economic, and environmental impacts. Impact assessment takes cohesive skill, methodology, and systems. We can help you to develop and implement impact measurement frameworks and accompany you to ensure that your strategy and communications are data-driven and optimised to contribute to the flourishing of your destination.
Let the World Know
Let the World Know
Sustainability efforts deserve to be recognised and shared, not only to raise a destination's profile and make it more desirable but to encourage others to do the same. We support destinations to identify, express, and promote their efforts, impact, and best practices, and to gain a collaborative edge that ensures the well-being of people, place, and planet.
Social Innovation
For Regeneration
For Regeneration
We believe in (and practise) extreme collaboration because it is inclusive and brings out the best of a process or potential as well as that of the people driving it. In our experience, a co-creative process including a diverse set of stakeholders fosters engagement and innovation and amplifies the overall impact of new initiatives.
Investigating the New Normal
Investigating the New Normal
Do you want to survey the meetings and events industry, or gain an overview of stakeholder sentiment towards sustainability? From IMEX to Fáilte Ireland to Thailand and our own research, we have worked with organisations of all sizes to supply the data needed to inform the next step on their sustainability journey and move them closer to a more holistic tourism practice that empowers visitors and residents to contribute to the place they are enjoying.
Elevate your sustainability efforts
Elevate your sustainability efforts
Let us help you become world-class “ZERONAUTS” by developing and supporting the implementation of a best-in-class regenerative event practice. A regenerative event designs out waste and carbon emissions, keeps products and materials in use, incorporates inclusivity and diversity, and regenerates natural systems.
Our Framework for Strategy Development
Co-creating more sustainable Destinations

Using the GDS-Movement Framework for Strategy Development we support a destination’s:

1. Development: Strategy, vision, mission, goals, KPIs, roadmaps

2. Policy: Advocacy, legislative policy, regulation, funding, finance, visitor management

3. Stakeholder Engagement: Taskforces, private-public partnerships, industry alliances, community participation

4. Industry Development: Visitor experience, industry education, standards & certifications, innovation management

5. Promotion: Brand, messaging, markets, communications, PR, thought leadership, business development

6. Community Management: Local & Fair Trade, decent work, inclusivity and diversity, community support and social innovation

7. Governance: Governance structures, impact measurement, certification and reporting

A few of the organisations we have worked with

The GDS-Index is a unique example of how collaboration, including the sharing of best practices and expertise, can improve performance of destinations for the benefit of both our clients and local communities. It has provided us with opportunities and inspiration that has helped position Copenhagen as a leader in sustainable practices.
Kit Lykketoft