GDS-Forum, 2 – 4 October, 2023, in Valencia, Spain.

Come co-create a regenerative future with GDS-Movement, CityDNA, and Visit València

The GDS-Forum seeks to transform tourism from the inside. It explores regenerative tourism, regenerative events, and regenerative destination management.

The GDS-Forum is brought to you by City Destinations Alliance (CityDNA), VISIT VALÈNCIA, ICCA, and GDS-Movement. GDS-Forum is followed by CityDNA Autumn Conference 2023, 4 – 7 October, in Valencia, Spain. GDS-Awards take place during GDS-Forum on 4 October.​

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GDS-Forum: Purpose and objectives

TransformingMindsets  Empowering Sustainable Leadership Igniting Innovation  Fostering Collaboration
Empowering holistic practices ​in the tourism and events sector towards a more regenerative industry Building management ​​​capacity for transformation towards positive impact​ Catalysing the development of social, environmental, and economic solutions for sustainable growth Building a cohesive and collaborative international community of sustainability practitioners within the tourism and events sector​


GDS-Forum: the “un-conference”​

GDS-Forum will be designed using an emergent and inclusive “un-conference” model. There will be no keynote speakers and no PowerPoint. We defined the following design principles.

Bridging Sectors for Impact: Foro-GDS (Spanish Organisations Only)
Monday, 2 October
Monday, 2 October
Bridge the gap between the Spanish tourism and events sector and its social impact with us.
- Inspirational talks
- Debates
- Networking

Event in Spanish

Venue: CaxiaForum
GDS-Forum: Systemic Challenges and Opportunities
Tuesday morning, 3 October
Tuesday morning, 3 October
Delve deeply into the systemic challenges facing urban tourism and events destinations. 

Investigate and embrace the exponential change happening around us.

Venue: Parador de El Saler

Group transfer from Hotel Primus Valencia to Parador de El Saler

GDS-Forum: Building Blocks for Success
Tuesday afternoon, 3 October
Tuesday afternoon, 3 October
Envision the transformation that needs to happen to tourism and events to become more resilient and regenerative.

Discuss and share success stories of the strategic “building blocks” that can accelerate the regeneration of our destinations.

Venue: Parador de El Saler

Group transfer from Parador de El Saler to Hotel Primus Valenica

GDS-Forum: Inspiring Innovation & Collaboration
Wednesday morning, 4 October
Wednesday morning, 4 October
Brainstorm, investigate, and define how we scale impact together

Co-create a new regenerative tourism framework that can help us to accelerate action

Venue: Hotel Primus Valencia
Wednesday evening, 4 October
Wednesday evening, 4 October
Recognise and celebrate the efforts of GDS-Index destinations and changemakers

- Leadership Award
- Most Improved Award
- Innovation Award
- The GDS-Movement and #MEET4IMPACT Impact Award

In partnership with ICCA

Venue: Oceanogràfic de València
CityDNA Autumn Conference: Destination Positive
Thursday-Friday, 5-7 October
Thursday-Friday, 5-7 October
What can cities, communities, DMOs, and others do to enable transformation towards regenerative tourism, meetings, and events?

Venue: Hotel Primus Valencia
Why should you attend GDS-Forum?


Change is happening faster and greater than expected. Climate, cities, the workplace, artificial intelligence, and visitor numbers are changing exponentially. So how do we go from doom to boom? How can we harness the potential of the social and technological transformation happening around us to regenerate our cities, communities, and natural habitats, and become more resilient for the future? For exponential positive change, we can work together to scale our efforts and solutions.

Why now?

  • Changing is happening: Harnessing the momentum of  the awakening of global sustainability
  • Redefining Possibilities: Together, we can embrace the urgency of sustainable transformation by unleashing the power of generative artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Five times faster: We can collaborate to accelerate decarbonisation and climate strategies at a pace to match the need


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"I am delighted to share the GDS-Forum Regenerative Event Strategy developed with my capable team of changemakers and committed GDS-Forum partners. We are dedicated to walking the talk in an ongoing journey to empower the conscious development and management of travel locations that preserve ecosystem health, enhance social inclusivity, nurture cultural heritage, and ensure economic sustainability. We are honoured to take our first step in Valencia, Spain, the first city to track and report on its tourism carbon and water footprint."
Guy Bigwood,Chief Changemaker, GDS-Movement
Join us in Valencia!