Co-creating a regenerative future
Catalysing regenerative solutions for sustainable growth in tourism and the business events sector

The GDS-Forum is a global event that convenes and unites destination management professionals to catalyse innovation for regeneration.



Today “Regenerative” is a new buzzword in tourism. In other sectors like agriculture, finance, and food the concept of ‘regeneration is more common. In the GDS-Forum we explore the topics of ‘Regenerative Tourism’, ‘Regenerative Destinations’ and ‘Regenerative Events’ . What do these terms really mean?  How do we move from a degenerative economy to one that supports prosperity for all? How can the visitor economy play a greater role in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), and regenerating the climate, biodiversity, natural resources, and communities?

This global event convenes tourism and events experts, cities, DMOs, and entrepreneurs to share, debate, learn, and co-design practical solutions and initiatives to accelerate social and industry change.

This unique event is currently in the planning and is being co-designed for  – and by –  destinations, partners, changemakers, and innovators in the business tourism and events industry.

If you are interested in participating, or joining as a sponsor or a speaker, please contact us.

GDSM Asia Pacific Forum 2022