GDS-Movement envisions thriving places and communities activated by regenerative tourism and events. Our mission is to empower people with the mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets to create regenerative destinations to visit, meet, and live in.

The GDS-Movement serves to accelerate the transformation from destination marketing at whatever cost, towards destination management and stewardship with shared value.

Our Services

Our History

The GDS-Movement evolved from the Global Destination Sustainability Index; the world’s leading sustainability benchmarking and performance improvement program for destinations, and their visitor economy.

The GDS-Index was inspired by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) Scandinavian chapter and MCI, where 15 pioneering cities created the Scandinavian Destination Sustainability Index. It has since evolved into a collaborative partnership between ICCA, IMEX Exhibitions, European Cities Marketing, MCI Group and GUBI consulting.

Birth: The dream for a Scandinavian Destination Sustainability Index took root in Gothenburg, through the collaborative effort of ICCA's Scandinavian Chapter and MCI.
Baby Steps: The first benchmarking results go live for the Scandinavian Destination Sustainability Index.
Going Global: After the concept showed great outcomes, ICCA Scandinavian Chapter, ICCA , IMEX, and MCI sign an MOU to create the Global Destination Sustainability Index.
Growing Partnerships: European Cities Marketing partners with the GDS-Index.
Growing Destinations: The GDS-Index reaches 50 destinations.
Regeneration: The Global Destination Sustainability Movement emerges out of the need to drive the regeneration of destinations. The portfolio of services expands to include consulting, certification, education and training, and a forum.