By sharing our frameworks and experiences, and enabling collaboration and play we develop professionals with the right mindsets, skillsets and toolsets to catalyse a regenerative future.

The GDS-Academy provides leading-edge training for event and tourism professionals to turn concepts into action, and then into impact.

From strategy development, to circular thinking and the SDGs, to conducting supply chain analysis and reducing food waste, our training enables professionals to stay ahead of the curve and implement regenerative practices.

Our courses are personal, practical, backed by decades of experience, and informed by the latest theory and practice. We pride ourselves on the collaborative, interactive and fun nature of our training.

Our faculty are experts in sustainable destination management, and the leading thinkers in regenerative management practices. They come from within the GDS-Movement, from our destinations, from leading universities and from our partner organisations.

The GDS-Academy offers 2 approaches to knowledge transfer in destinations:

A suite of “open” courses aimed at DMO representatives from across the globe, facilitating growth and learning together, with a heightened emphasis on sharing and collaboration. These options include the GDS-Movement Certificate in Regenerative Destination Management.

“Value Chain Development” focused on the local eco-system; enabling stakeholders of a country/region/destination to develop the skills that support the development of a regenerative strategy. These options include topics such as impact definition and measurement, sustainability policy, Circular Economy as well as specific supplier trainings for DMCs, hotels, venues.

Our Courses
Certificate in Regenerative Destination Management
1 June, 2021 - 30 September, 2021
Destinations management organizations face significant challenges on how to develop their tourism and events strategy in harmony with local stakeholders, environmental boundaries, and economic goals. This course serves to improve the expertise of DMO professionals in crafting destination sustainability strategies, in leveraging the power of tourism and events for social and environmental impact, and in telling a compelling story of destination stewardship and regeneration.

This interactive, fun and collaborative training course is for mid to senior level professionals of Municipalities/Government, Destination Management Organizations and Convention Bureaus.
From Linear to Circular: Introduction to the circular economy and how to close the loop in events
A perfectly circular system — one without waste and non-renewable inputs — has existed in nature for 3.8 billion years. Fuelled by climate change, consumer activism and client demand, the transition from a linear to a circular economy will increasingly disrupt how the events sector innovates and positions its sustainability agenda.

The circular economy goes far beyond recycling. It focuses on designing out waste and pollution, keeping materials in use, regenerating nature and leveraging diversity. It offers big opportunities for the events sector to accelerate innovation, enhance profitability and grow sustainably.

In this dynamic and inspiring short course, the GDSM will share their latest research, experiences and frameworks. It will cover the basics of the circular economy, from theory to action, from nature´s guiding principles to case studies spanning products, services and business models from outside and within the events industry.

The course will use case studies, individual reading and collaborative problem solving and group exercises to inspire and enable a path to more regenerative event management.
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