Get destination and events sustainability speakers, on demand.
Let GDS-Movement bring sustainability and regeneration to your
audiences and event attendees. 

Is your DMO or event showcasing sustainability (sufficiently) or ready to talk regeneration?  

We love to talk, teach, and play. Let us support your destination and events to invest more deeply in positive discourses around people, place, and planet. This can be a keynote, a workshop, a webinar, or a conference.  

  • Tourism and events industry trends
  • Storytelling and Communication
  • Regenerative and Sustainable Events
  • Creating events that deliver positive impacts and legacy
  • Regenerative and Sustainable Destination Management
  • Bespoke/tailored keynote speaking and sessions for DMOs

Find events that our team and partners will be hosting or attending. 

Experts for Every Event


    Jennifer Jensen

    Topic: GDS-Index, Regenerative Destination

    Jennifer has over two decades of experience in tourism and destination marketing.


    Guy Bigwood, FIEMA

    Topic: Impactful keynotes, Regenerative Destination

    Guy is a recognised expert and visionary on creating sustainable destinations through multi stakeholder collaboration and co-creation.


    Inge Krogh Larsen

    Topic: Events, GDS-Index, Impactful keynotes, Regenerative Destination, Sustainability Certifications

    Inge fuels her mission with wisdom acquired by working in […]


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