Did you know that every year, Aalborg city and the municipality holds a Sustainability Festival Week – inviting people, companies and projects to display their sustainable initiatives in the Aalborg area!

First held in 2013, Aalborg’s Sustainability Festival is now one of the largest of its kind in Denmark, and showcases sustainability-related initiatives and ideas. It is a collaborative effort involving citizens, businesses, government, NGOs and other parties in a discussion of sustainability-related issues. Celebrating local sustainability, the festival is held every September and aims to support the Municipality’s Sustainability Strategy.

You can watch a video of the 2016 Aalborg Sustainability Festival here!  

The city of Aalborg has had sustainability on the agenda for many years and continues to push the development towards a more sustainable future. The path towards a sustainable city and municipality started with the “Aalborg Charter”. The “Aalborg Charter” is an urban environment sustainability initiative approved by the participants at the first European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns in Aalborg. Inspired by the Rio Earth Summit’s Local Agenda 21 plan, it was developed to contribute to the EU’s Environmental Action Programme “Towards Sustainability”. Based on the consensus of individuals, municipalities, NGOs, international organisations and scientific bodies, today more than 3,000 local authorities from 40+ countries have signed the Aalborg Charter, resulting in the largest European movement of its type.

One of the main goals of the Global Destination Sustainability Index is to increase local community engagement and stakeholder collaboration across all sectors. In addition to supporting localism, Aalborg shows us how events can be a huge catalyst in driving sustainability forward within its community, while supporting regional and international sustainable development goals. By bringing citizens, businesses, governments and NGOs together, Aalborg is undoubtedly a sustainability pioneer!

For more information about the Festival click here.