Next year, Aarhus will host the 2018 Sailing World Championships (The Worlds). We talk a lot about sustainability on land, but what about all those events that occur over water or at sea? Using this experience, Aarhus has shared with us what they are doing to improve the sustainability of the event, and hopes that their leadership will have a global impact on future events at sea.

The challenge during major events such as The Worlds is that garbage from the sailors daily intake of food and drink typically ends up at the bottom of the boats. From here it is likely to blow overboard, contributing to the accumulation of marine garbage that we are seeing in our waters (click here to read about how we might have more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050).

Considering how sailing is dependent on the environment, The International Sailing Association and Aarhus 2018 have agreed to share a vision of no negative impacts on the environment. Their ambition is to rase awareness of the problem with plastic pollution in the oceans, while focusing on new sustainable solutions.  Therefore, local actors, companies and organizations with a focus on sustainability, innovative solutions and resource-optimizing conditions will be invited on board.

Aarhus’ engagement with Worlds 2018 will involve a number of concrete measures on the boats and on land, so click here to watch a video on one of their innovations to reduce waste at sea!