The 2022 GDS-Movement Innovation Award top 5 finalists have been selected!

To quote one of our most experienced changemakers, assessing innovation is “easy yet difficult”, natural yet novel. The x-factor that makes a project scalable, modifiable, and maximally impactful is often elusive but our internal judges, Senior Changemakers, Monica Molina and Inge Krogh Larsen, have picked the #Top5 finalists for the 2022 #GDSinnovation award based on a set of criteria. We encourage you to analyse and adapt these ideas for your own destination.

Which project will win?

2022 Innovation Award Top 5 Finalists announced


Our esteemed external judges,

Flavie Baudot, Chief Operating Officer, CityDNA,
Tamara Bernstein, Regional Director, Europe, ICCA
James Lancaster, Editorial Director, Northstar Travel Group, and
Roger Lehner, Senior Operations Executive, IMEX Group

have yet to choose between the five finalists (in alphabetical order),

– Belfast,
– Faroe Islands,
– Helsingborg,
– Valencia, and
– Washington DC

Congratulations to these destinations, and a special thanks to all applicants – remember, if you didn’t make it through to the next round, it’s more a “not now” than a “no”. We believe in continuous effort, and actively practise progress over perfection, so we hope that you’ll submit again next year.

The award winner will be announced at the ICCA Congress, 6 – 9 November 2022.

– If you’re attending the ICCA Congress, please join the GDS-Movement Sustainability Awards ceremony in person, and discover the GDS-Index Leadership and Most Improved winners as well.
– If not, fear not – you can find out more at our dedicated Feeling the Pulse webinar soon after, on 15 November. Register here – it’s free and open to all. We’ll unpack trends in sustainability for destinations in 2022 and you can meet the winners, too!

2022 GDS-Movement Innovation Award - Top 5 finalists