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Celebrating World Environment Day the GDS-Index Way

Celebrating World Environment Day the GDS-Index Way

Together, we can do more

How Many Ways Does GDS-Movement Love World Environment Day?

If we count the number of dedicated criteria directly supporting it in GDS-Index1 through the Environment2 category, seventeen. If we multiply that by the number of destinations submitting evidence of their efforts around those criteria this year, 100 or more, 1700. If we multiply that by the number of residents, visitors, suppliers, interested parties, organisations, companies, birds, bees, and other beasts of the wild all positively affected by these efforts… we might need a quantum computer. Instead, we have each other.

If each city and region plays its part to empower its visitor economy to have a positive impact on people, place, and planet, our sustainability contributions can be exponential, and we together amass a wealth of transformative change with which to face mounting challenges and opportunities around regeneration. Are you in?

Co-creation towards exponential positive impact is what GDS-index is all about, and today we’re celebrating the environment and the successful completion of this year’s destination sustainability benchmarking together.


We Love These Victory Posts!

  • From Glasgow. You can find out more about ways they’re investing in the social, economic, and environmental well-being of their city here.
  • From Kerry. Discover what Kerry does to make tourism and events a force for better here.
  • From Bordeaux. Find out about Bordeaux’s efforts to “be the change we need to see in the world” here.
  • From Gdansk. Be inspired by their event planner’s tips for more sustainable events here.
  • From Geneva. Get up to speed with Geneva’s sustainability performance here.
  • From Belfast. The destination is a top sustainability contributor and won the GDS-Movement Innovation Award in late 2022 for this project.
  • From Banff. The Banff National Park’s wildlife overpasses are an absolute inspiration as they save so many wild ones from being unwittingly hit, injured, or killed on roads. Others are using the design to protect wildlife from vehicles elsewhere.
  • From Lyon. You can pore over their spectacular sustainability performance here.


Motivated to do More?

Why not register your activities on the World Environment Day website? You’ll be in good company!


1. GDS-Index is transforming tourism destinations into regenerative systems that contribute positively to the environment, culture, and communities. Your destination is part of that transformation. Find out how to join here or improve your performance here and here.

2. The GDS-Index’s Environment category includes a city’s performance around its policies and infrastructure, e.g. climate change commitment, carbon emissions, renewable energies, resource and water management, public transport, and air pollution levels. Read more here.




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