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Changemaker Check-in: Future Now, with Inge Krogh Larsen

Changemaker Check-in: Future Now, with Inge Krogh Larsen

"A return to my past and a reset at the 2022 CityDNA Summer School"

Inge Krogh Larsen, Global Destination Sustainability Movement Senior Changemaker for the Nordic region, talks about her latest adventure.

Open quotesRecently, I was lucky enough to spend 4 wonderful days in the beautiful city of Turin. I was not there as a tourist; I was there to take part in the City Destinations Alliance’s (CityDNA) 36th Summer School.

CityDNA Summer School 1 - 1600 x 900

Participants of City Destinations Alliance’s (CityDNA) 36th Summer School

The CityDNA Summer School is for new professionals in the meetings industry; 43 students from 15 countries attended this year. My professional background is in the world of events and tourism, DMOs, and CVBs, and I felt quite at home.

Click or tap the image to see the 2022 programme

The “curriculum” involved 4 days of intensive learning, sharing best practices, and leading lively discussions on relevant topics. They were days full of brilliant speakers sharing industry tips that make the regenerative road smoother. Students experienced a 360-degree view of the industry with talks and workshops by industry leaders, suppliers, and clients. In total, 16 speakers of the Summer School Faculty shared knowledge over 4 days.

We, at GSD-Movement, like sharing our knowledge and being part of the future right now and as a GDS-Movement Changemaker, I was invited to speak on “Regenerative Destinations and Sustainable Strategies”. I also hosted 2 well-attended workshops on sustainability.

CityDNA Summer School 2 - 2045 x 1150

Inge presenting on regeneration at CityDNA’s 36th Summer School

Regeneration was a new topic for most of the participating students and I realised how important it is to integrate sustainability at every level. I presented “The Regenerative Revolution”, which explores trends and best practices in sustainable tourism and events, with examples from around the world, including Vienna, Faroe Islands, Valencia, Sydney, Oslo, New Zealand, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Bordeaux, Barcelona, Finland, Flanders, Scotland, Switzerland, and Helsinki.



Trend 1: A Stronger Focus on Sustainability, post Covid-19
Trend 2: From Sustainability to Regeneration, including principles for regeneration and the role of the DMO
Trend 3: From Engagement to Participation
Trend 4: From Footprints to Handprints – creating social, economic, and environmental capital plus Impact Management
Trend 5: The Race to Net Zero, and why events need to measured, too
Trend 6: Growth Labels and Certifications
Trend 7: Better Storytelling

I was impressed:

– The Summer School provides great insights into the structure and functioning of the Meetings Industry.

– The programme was filled with up-to-date and cutting-edge examples of European best practices, which helps build expertise in one of the tourism industry’s most lucrative sectors.

– It is perfect for those just starting out in the Meetings Industry who want to get up to speed quickly and for those who are exploring its potential as a commercial, economic, and – more importantly – sustainable development tool.

I returned home tired and inspired after energetic days full of wonderful food, new friends, and with lots of impressions, learnings, and new insights.

My thanks to:

– Marcella Gaspardone and Cristina Cerutti of the host DMO, Turismo Torino e Provincia,

– Flavie de Bueil and Julie Clerc of CityDNA, who organised,

– all faculty

– and students who participated.


– Words by Inge Krogh Larsen, Senior Changemaker, Nordics


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