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Changemaker Check-in: Lend Sustainability Your Ear

Changemaker Check-in: Lend Sustainability Your Ear

Changemaker Khalisah Stevens curated a list of podcast episodes all about destination sustainability. Listen in!

Khalisah Stevens, Global Destination Sustainability Movement Changemaker, recommends podcast episodes for destinations concerned about developing stewardship, impacts, and legacy. 

You can enjoy the interactive PDF here:

Changemaker Check-in - Khalisah Stevens - Sustainability in Tourism Podcast Episodes - cover page

or read on for the text version.


Open quotesToo much doomscrolling? Try some ‘hope listening’ instead.

These are some of the top tourism-related episodes:

Anna Pollock: What is Regenerative Tourism? on GOOD Awaits:

Geerte Udo (Amsterdam & Partners), JELKA TEPSIC (Deputy Mayor of Dubrovnik) and Valeria Duflot 🌱 (Venezia Autentica): A Tale of Three Cities: Rethinking Tourism on Common Ground:

Elizabeth Becker: Overbooked – An Honest Look at the Coastal Tourism Industry in 2022 on Big Tourism, American Shoreline Podcast Network:

Neha Arora: Leading with Action, Making Travel More Inclusive on Women We Watch in Tourism:

Guy Bigwood: Sustainability and DMOs on The Future of Tourism hosted by David Peacock: The Future of Tourism:

Bonus Episode:

Becky Hargrove CITP CIS: Sustainability in Events from on The Event Makers:

Marvin Rees: How is Your City Tackling the Climate Crisis? on TED Talks Daily:

As an avid podcast listener, inspiration struck when Khalisah realised that people might enjoy “listening about” sustainability more than reading about it.

“Lots of people ask me where they can learn more,” she says, “and I found podcasts to be an accessible way to discover new topics. These engaging conversations keep me company during commutes or while I’m prepping dinner.”

You can find Khalisah’s full sustainability playlist here:

If you are curious about what her favourite sustainability episodes are in general, you can check out Khalisah’s blog post:

If you’d like to learn more about regenerative management for your whole organisation, consider the 2022 GDS-ICCA-CityDNA Certificate in Regenerative Destination Management from #GDSacademy, which started 1 Sept:

If you’d like to discover how your whole organisation can tell its sustainability story powerfully, explore the Storytelling and Communication Strategies for Regeneration from GDS-Academy Close quotes

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