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Explore the Customised, In-House Impact Strategy and Measurement Masterclass

Explore the Customised, In-House Impact Strategy and Measurement Masterclass

Your whole team can learn to develop legacy and impact strategies to monitor non-financial performance

GDS-Academy*, developed in partnership with ICCA and CityDNA, urges your destination to enrol a team member or a whole department in a dynamic and fun series of immersive workshops to take performance to the next level.

If you want to define your destination’s legacy and impact strategies and use outcome and impact indicators to monitor your destination’s non-financial performance in a masterclass tailored to your organisation’s needs and focus, you will find guidance in the in-house Impact Strategy and Measurement Masterclass, designed and developed in partnership with #Meet4Impact.

Developed and delivered in partnershp with Meet4Impact


You choose the start date to explore four 2,5-hour modules (plus 1 hour for preparation and 1 hour for homework per module), and you set the pace. The fifth module, Creating Impact, is optional and recommended.


1. In-person – you choose where

2. Hybrid – live and in-person

3. Online – learn on a powerful platform


This in-house masterclass lets you choose from 3 formats: in-person, hybrid, and online. Online course materials and tasks are available throughout, and for 6 months after graduation.


Learn the latest social impact theories and approaches to develop a robust impact strategy and implement measurement processes. These will support your destination to monitor and report on how it delivers long-term value for all stakeholders.


Co-create unique solutions under the guidance of an esteemed faculty that includes thought leaders, experts, and influencers from GDS-Movement, and universities, destinations, and organisations. Key faculty includes:

– Genevieve Leclerc, Co-founder and CEO, #Meet4Impact, and Course Faculty Lead

– Jessica Vandy, International Collaboration Partner, #Meet4Impact, and Senior Changemaker, Asia Pacific Region, GDS-Movement,

– Guy Bigwood, Chief Changemaker and CEO, GDS-Movement

– Loren Christie, Director, Business Development & Strategy, Canada’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC), and Trainer/Facilitator, GDS-Movement

– Alexis Kereluk, Partner, ConnectSeven Group, and Sustainability Consultant, North Americas, GDS-Movement


Here are your top 3 outcomes:

– Learn key concepts of social impact theory and principles

– Understand how to use recognised frameworks and develop a legacy and impact approach that involves a broad ecosystem

– Apply the basics towards measuring the impacts of your destination strategy and communicating long-term value for all stakeholders. Develop goals and actions towards your destination’s impact strategy for business events.

Is it for you?

Yes, if you’re a member of a destination organisation that wants to ensure its management has a greater positive impact with benefits that go beyond the economic.

Curious? Find out more

* More about GDS-Academy GDS-Academy, brought to you by ICCA and City Destinations Alliance, offers a dynamic learning experience that helps you understand (and practise) regenerative impact and its role in destination and event management. This is a blended learning institution for destination professionals determined to catalyse positive benefits for people and planet through tourism and events. Expect an esteemed faculty of experts and thought leaders who love to engage, fun modules with quizzes, votes, and discussions, and courses to cover every aspect of sustainability management in the sector.

In-House Impact Strategy and Measurement Masterclass

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