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Finlandia Hall transfers to solar power

Finlandia Hall transfers to solar power

olar panels will be installed on the roof of congress and event centre Finlandia Hall Ltd. by the end of 2016.

Solar panels will be installed on the roof of congress and event centre Finlandia Hall Ltd. by the end of 2016.

Finlandia Hall is among the first event centres in Europe to utilise solar energy for the energy needed in the premises. The decision to install solar panels is in line with Finlandia Hall’s long-term strategy to invest in energy efficiency and environmentally friendly actions. It also further reinforces Finlandia Hall’s position as an organiser of international congresses in the market’s tough competition. A total of 150–170 solar panels will be installed on the roof of Finlandia Hall, and experts have calculated the size of the system to be 41 kW. The electricity provided by the system is estimated to cover a maximum of 20–25 percent of Finlandia Hall’s total monthly energy consumption.

“Finlandia Hall has strongly invested in environmental and energy matters over the past few years. Five years ago we started a development project during which the building, originally built in the 1970s, was turned into an energy efficient one. District heating consumption has been reduced by 50% and electricity consumption by 30%. These renewals have accumulated cost savings worth hundreds of thousands of euros. The solar panels are a natural next step in this development,”

says Johanna Tolonen, Managing Director at Finlandia Hall Ltd.

Finlandia Hall has undergone a total transformation of operating culture, and the personnel have been strongly committed to taking environmental issues into account in all their activities. The long-term development work culminated in Finlandia Hall receiving the ISO14001 environmental certificate last autumn. Only less than one percent of Finnish companies have received the certificate. Competitive edge through environmentally friendly operations and organic food International competition for hosting different congresses continues to tighten between cities. Congress organisers evaluate the strengths and suitability of different cities and congress centres for their particular event in detail. At the moment, environmentally friendly operations, safety and clean food are highlighted as selection criteria.

“In addition to being energy efficient and environmentally friendly, Finlandia Hall has also responded to the tough international competition by investing in organic food and the quality of food in general. We have succeeded in turning one of the largest kitchens in Finland to the organic path over the past few years. Finlandia Hall prefers clean Finnish ingredients and locally sourced food, and event organisers have given us excellent feedback regarding the food,”

says Tolonen.

According to Tolonen, Finland is among the top candidates for hosting different congresses. Finland is perceived as safe, functional and full of new experiences. For instance, the international ICANN event was to be organised in Panama last summer but the threat caused by the Zika virus led to moving the event at very short notice to Finland and Finlandia Hall.

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