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How’s your sustainability strategy, really?

How’s your sustainability strategy, really?

If your destination is feeling the pressure that's also on people and planet, we can support you to exponentially improve your positive impact and visitor experience.

The clock is ticking on climate action, but does it feel like time is speeding up?

“The COP26 deal is now sealed,” emphasises Guy Bigwood, Chief Changemaker at GDS-Movement, “and while the Glasgow gathering has not guaranteed we will limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C, it has kept the prospect of achieving it alive. What’s more, it produced many solid national and citywide pledges to action within tourism, events, cities, finance, and others industries. This creates unprecedented convergence between investors, businesses, cities, and subnational regions that can and will drive authentic economic transformation. Now the real work begins. We must return to our businesses, cities, and associations, and turn these pledges into clear strategy and a short-term action plan that radically reduces emissions towards a net zero target, while fighting inequality and poverty, and supporting those in vulnerable communities.”

The Covid-19 pandemic and the increasing public and political focus on equality, diversity, and climate change have had a massive positive impact on destinations in 2021. This year we see a tidal wave of new, sustainable destination strategies and positive action. 2021 will be recognised as a tipping-point year, not only for increased action in sustainability, but also as the year when regenerative thinking started to be more widely integrated into destination management and stewardship plans. It’s the year when destination management really took precedence over destination marketing.

Is your destination on track for a net zero future? Here are examples of action plans, co-created strategy and stakeholder engagement from destination we are supporting.





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