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Lima celebrates its 486th anniversary and joins the GDS-Movement

Lima celebrates its 486th anniversary and joins the GDS-Movement

On this momentous occasion for the city the future looks bright. Working together with the GDS-Movement the plan is to map out a restorative future by developing a strategy that will enable a resilient and equitable system. It will act as an engine to drive the recovery of the sector and prepare for long-term qualitative growth benefiting all interest groups.

Lima, the capital of Peru celebrates its 486th anniversary and announces the development of a long-term strategy that will revitalise its tourism and business sector. 

The Global Destination Sustainability Movement (GDS-Movement) will co-create the sustainable and regenerative strategy to guide and enable Peru towards a new future, where the well-being and quality of life of residents and visitors are in balance and economically inclusive, and they are starting with Lima as the first city.

This is a first for the country and for the third largest city on the South American continent. There will be multistakeholder participation in order to achieve the reorientation of the business and tourism sector and see it contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Today is the day that marks Lima’s 486th year since being founded and what better way to map out a restorative future than to join the GDS-Movement Together they will develop a strategy that can create a resilient and equitable system, and that can act as an engine to drive the recovery of the sector and prepare for long-term qualitative growth benefiting all interest groups. 

The meetings sector plays a fundamental role in ensuring that future events have a positive net effect on society and the environment in which they take place. 

As part of the Global Covenant of Mayors, a global alliance for city’s climate leadership, the city of Lima has a vision of a green, prosperous, and fair city for everyone.  

PROMPERÚ, on behalf of the destination Lima, will bring together stakeholders to identify a sustainability strategy, compare and evaluate the performance of meetings and business events in Lima through the GDS-Index. Together with the Municipality of Lima, through the Department of Tourism, and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, they will collaboratively lead the development and increase awareness and action on the SDGs in the sector. 

As the world readjusts to the COVID-19 crisis and seeks to recover from the economic and social shocks, the tourism, events and meetings industry is asking questions such as: “How can tourism and events serve to transform our society? and “what skills and leadership do we now need to transition out of disaster into a flourishing new paradigm?” 

Amora Carbajal, Director of Tourism Promotion at PROMPERÚ said: “The Meeting Industry is highly beneficial for the destination: it adjusts the tourism demand, creates a great economic impact and generates the exchange of knowledge. In addition to infrastructure and innovation, it is key for Peru to position itself as a sustainable MICE destination. We are convinced that this will mark the beginning of an alliance that will allow the integration of existing initiatives, the acceleration of development and the positioning of Peru as a sustainable tourism destination, and especially Lima as a sustainable MICE destination”. 

Guy Bigwood, Managing Director of the GDSMovementacknowledged the destination: “Lima’s commitment to accelerate the journey towards a sustainable destination demonstrates leadership and is a necessary shift towards a regenerative future, greater resilience and economic transformation. Peru is becoming a shining star with regards to sustainable tourism, and it is an honour to support Lima as they embark on this critical journey.”   

Jorge Muñoz, Metropolitan Mayor of Lima, added: “As hosts of the city, we are aware that tourism is a silent engine that allows linking an infinite chain of people, places and businesses. From the Municipality of Lima we understand that our neighborhoods, gastronomy and crafts are the engine that drives us to continue creating safe, sustainable and memorable experiences. For this reason, we continue working to make Lima a safer, more inclusive, accessible and charming city, a tourist destination that transforms the lives of its citizens ”.

For further information: 

Melissa Baird 

Communications, The GDS-Movement 

Amora Carbajal 

Director of Tourism Promotion, Promperu 

Lima has approximately 10 million inhabitants and is the capital of Peru – one of the largest countries in Latin America. It has over 10,000 years of history and impressive archaeological and UNESCO world heritage sites and vast natural reserves due to its diverse geography. Peru is considered one of the most diverse countries in the world and was once known as the City of Kings. Lima is the second largest desert metropolis in the world situated at the coast of the Pacific Ocean and the city has a rich pre-Columbian heritage, an immense archaeological, historical and cultural past, and grand ethnic diversity. The emerging art and fashion scene and award-winning gastronomy is making it a compelling destination to visit. 




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