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New Media Partnership with Sustain Europe

New Media Partnership with Sustain Europe

We are really happy to announce our new media partnership with Sustain Europe.

Sustain Europe is a European briefing covering sustainable travel, business affairs, business travel, foreign direct investment, sustainable development and more: informatively, without agenda, and in a way that delivers commercial and environmental benefit. Their mission is to help destinations, businesses, governments and organisations get their messages seen by a wider audience in order to share ideas, reach more decision makers, increase their brand awareness and CSR engagement, and sell more of their products and services.

Over the next couple of years in a series of regular articles, we will look in depth at the approaches and initiatives being used by cities to catalyse a transformation in their tourism sector and become leaders in a more sustainable, circular, economy. We will be sharing best practices, asking tough questions and looking for answers to key social and environmental issues facing the tourism and events industry.

We will also be providing opportunities for our member destinations to tell their stories of sustainability. To start with, here are some great articles in this months Sustain edition.

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