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Resident Engagement for a More Sustainable Destination : Why it Works

Resident Engagement for a More Sustainable Destination : Why it Works

Here's how resident engagement can contribute to more sustainable tourism

Resident engagement plays a critical role in making a destination more sustainable, leading to at least 7 possible positive outcomes:
TLDR: By harnessing the collective knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm of residents, destinations can become more environmentally friendly, socially inclusive, and economically prosperous in the long run. Ready for the list?
Working together we achieve more

1. Ownership: Engaged residents become more invested in its well-being and are motivated to contribute to its sustainability efforts.2. Knowledge Sharing: Involving residents in sustainability initiatives lets residents share their expertise, experiences, and innovative ideas, which can lead to novel solutions.

3. Collaboration and Partnerships: By bringing residents, local authorities, businesses, and other stakeholders together, interested parties can identify shared goals, pool resources, and implement collective strategies for sustainable development.

4. Behavioural Change: Engaged residents are more likely to adopt sustainable behaviours and practices in their daily lives. Through awareness campaigns, education programs, and community involvement, residents can be encouraged to reduce energy consumption, promote waste management, use eco-friendly transportation, and make sustainable lifestyle choices.

5. Policy and Decision-making: Ensuring that the voices and perspectives of the local community are included in policy and decision-making processes can lead to community-aligned strategic and infrastructural development, and urban planning with common values and will promote longer-term sustainability.

6. Social Cohesion: Sustainability initiatives often bring residents together, fostering a more connected community. Working together to achieve a shared goal can deepen relationships, develop trust, and foster a more resilient community. That’s important in an era of #climatechange.

7. Economic Benefits: Sustainable practices empowered by resident engagement can have substantial economic benefits. Local businesses may benefit from increased demand for ethical and environmentally-responsible products and services, and sustainable tourism practices can attract visitors who value sustainability and are willing to pay (a premium) for it, boosting the local economy.

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