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Valencia, Unveiled

Valencia, Unveiled

Explore the award-winning city where innovation and sustainability convene to transform tourism and events from inside, home to GDS-Forum's very first instance

If you’re looking for inspiration for “destination positive”, start with Valencia, host to the inaugural GDS-Forum, the 2023 CityDNA Autumn Conference, and the home of the 2023 GDS-Awards.

Valencia, the city of arts and sciences, is a superb host for the inaugural GDS-Forum* including the 2023 GDS-Awards**.

2022 Valencia Sustainability Performance at a glance

A Destination Deeply Dedicated to Sustainable Tourism and Events

Valencia is a long-term member of GDS-Index committed to continuous improvement. Have a look at the 2022 data on its sustainability contributions from the GDS-Index. (Its 2023 results will be live soon after GDS-Forum).

Valencia's water footprint

It boasts best practices in reporting and it is the very first participating city to calculate and certify its tourism carbon and water footprint.

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Valencia is also a model for food sustainability: L’Horta de Valencia and Albufera Park surround Valencia.

L'Horta rice fields

They are lush with thousands of square metres of fruit, vegetable fields and several local varieties of rice.

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This rice provides the main ingredient in Valencia’s most international dish: the paella.

Valencia is an increasingly innovative, inclusive, accessible, smart, and sustainable city, committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The VISIT VALENCIA Website Offers Guidance for a More Sustainable Experience

It includes tips on:

Sustainable and accessible commuting in Valencia

– low or no-carbon commute with public transport, pedal power, or on foot,

– shopping locally at “made by Valencia” outlets,

– eco volunteering options,

Valencia conservation _ bioparc

conservation programmes supporting endangered species,

– wild-minded attractions like Oceanogràfic (where the 2023 GDS-Awards ceremony will be held),


– the protected ecosystems of La Albufera Natural Park and El Saler (one of the GDS-Forum venues),

– and various, awe-inspiring World Heritage sites.

Valencia is the 2024 European Green Capital

It’s also the proud recipient of the 2024 European Green Capital Award, a distinction that recognises the city’s efforts to improve the environment and the quality of life of its residents and visitors alike.

All told, with a handprint of positive impacts like Valencia’s, 2023 GDS-Forum and the CityDNA conference attendees are in for a treat for the head, heart, mouth, and feet!

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* The 2023 GDS-Forum is brought to you by VISIT VALÈNCIA, CityDNA, and GDS-Movement.

** The 2023 GDS-Awards ceremony is hosted with our long-time partner, ICCA.

All photographic images ©  Visit València. All rights reserved.  


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