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    [city_id] => 60
    [city_name] => Monaco
    [contact_name] => Estelle
    [contact_surname] => Antognelli
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    [organisation] => Monaco Government Tourist & Convention Authority
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    [environmental_description] => The Principality has been committed to protecting the environment for a very long time; it has grown stronger since the advent of H.S.H. Prince Albert II fifteen years ago. 
He has engaged the Principality of Monaco on path to cutting its greenhouse gas emissions by 50 % before 2030 compared to 1990 and has renewed His commitment to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. His many actions in favor of preserving Oceans has made Him one of the most committed head of state in the fight against climate change.
Monaco has built innovative soft mobility infrastructure  and has preserved  its green space which represent 20 % of the territory). Most of the hotels are certified and majority of restaurants offer local, organic and seasonal food.
    [social_description] => Monaco has made commitments at the local level with the implementation of policies aimed at promoting energy transition and soft mobility introducing an effective social model and protecting the environment, in particular the marine environment of the Principality;
The Destination is very safe and takes into account the quality of life of the residents. 
Due to the current worldwide health crisis, a label has been created : the Monaco Safe certification, to guarantee a secure environment in the Principality.
In terms of tourism, the DMO promotes a tourism with focus on accessibility.
    [supplier_description] => Monaco Convention Bureau together with the department in charge of responsible tourism (SEPC Certified) are offering sustainable solutions to meeting and event organizers.
They extend advise and support in the choice of venues and suppliers.  
They are valuable intermediaries when the organizer wishes to involve local leaders in the field of sustainability. 
They could also provide financial support depending on the size of the event and the impact on the country's sustainable action. This mobilization aims to give more legitimacy and content, two important aspects to ensure the success of the event.
    [dmo_description] => The Monaco Government Tourist & convention Authority promotes the Destination and works in synergy with all industry partners to make Monaco a Responsible Destination.
In the meantime, our Destination Management Organisation is playing a key role in raising public awareness.
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    [high_env_1] => 100
    [high_env_2] => 41
    [high_env_3] => 113
    [high_soc_1] => 81
    [high_soc_2] => 88
    [high_soc_3] => 69
    [high_sup_1] => 55
    [high_sup_2] => 50
    [high_sup_3] => 27
    [high_dmo_1] => Sustainability vision and action plan established for events,Sustainability vision and action plan established for tourism,Multi year strategy (+3 years),Aligned to the city's overall development agenda (not just tourism and events),Aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
    [high_dmo_2] => 1
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    [created_at] => 2021-01-08 12:02:33
    [updated_at] => 2023-04-03 12:01:13
    [year] => 2020
    [id] => 189
    [year] => 2020
    [city_id] => 60
    [city_name] => Monaco
    [score_type] => city
    [Total] => 69.67
    [Total_rank] => 9
    [Environment] => 72.13
    [Environment_rank] => 8
    [Social] => 72.97
    [Social_rank] => 7
    [Supplier] => 70.27
    [Supplier_rank] => 4
    [DMO] => 65.28
    [DMO_rank] => 6
    [longitude] => 7.42461579999997
    [latitude] => 43.73841760000001
    [population] => 38682
    [country] => Monaco
    [region] => Western Europe
    [created_at] => 2020-12-05 00:00:19
    [updated_at] => 2022-04-22 06:00:18

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