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    [city_id] => 39
    [city_name] => Prague
    [contact_name] => Prague
    [contact_surname] => Czechia
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    [organisation] => Prague Convention Bureau / Prague City Tourism
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    [environmental_description] => The Czech Republic has doubled the amount of plastics being recycled in the space of less than a decade. According to the Eurostat statistics, Czechs are in fourth place in Europe in terms of overall recycling of packaging waste – and in second place when it comes to recycling plastic PET bottles. Prague is also well-known for the efficiency of its public transportation system. In 2010, FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile) recognized it as the 4th best in Europe. In 2017, Arcadis placed the Prague transportation system on the 5th place in the Sustainable Cities Mobility Index. The city supports a wide range of different projects, such as for example “Čistou Stopou Prahou” (“Across Prague with a Clean Track” to encourage people to walk, use the public transportation or bike instead of commuting by car) or “Cyklisté vítáni” (“Bikers Welcome” - certification for hotels, restaurants, venues etc. that provides facilities for cyclists). In the field of transportation, the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan was accepted to solve the traffic problem as a whole. In 2018, Dutch holiday agency TravelBird published its Green Cities Index and ranked Prague as the world's greenest city. There is also a Green City Guide available for Prague visitors. The UN Sustainable Development Report 2019 also ranked the Czech Republic seventh most developed in achieving the Goals of Sustainable Development out of the total of 162 evaluated countries.
    [social_description] => The city ranks among TOP 30 cities in Prosperity Index, World Happiness Index and Human Capital Index. Prague is also the 12th best city for expats and the 7th best vegan city according to the Holidu server. What's more, Arcadis recognized Prague as one of the TOP 10 most sustainable cities in 2016.
    [supplier_description] => For the last seven years, Prague has been a host city for the reSITE conference. reSITE is a global non-profit organization acting to improve the urban environment. In 2016 they launched Shared Cities project mission to improve the quality of life in European cities by exploring aspects of sharing and urban design. The City of Prague also takes sustainability for its events in consideration, committed itself to a greater environmental protection in accordance with the relevant European Parliament directive. In accordance to this, only reusable or returnable dishes will be used at all sport, culture, educative or social events organized by the Prague City Hall and simultaneously, the City Council approved a resolution  committing the capital to stop supporting events at which single-use packagings and dishes are used, and all the organisers have to replace one-use cups, plates etc. with reusable ones, if they want to become eligible for any form of the City of Prague support.
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    [high_env_1] => 16
    [high_env_2] => 22
    [high_env_3] => 1798
    [high_soc_1] => 80.47
    [high_soc_2] => 86.6
    [high_soc_3] => 54
    [high_sup_1] => 16
    [high_sup_2] => 0
    [high_sup_3] => 0
    [high_dmo_1] => Sustainability vision and action plan established for events,Sustainability vision and action plan established for tourism,Aligned to the city's overall development agenda (not just tourism and events),Aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
    [high_dmo_2] => 0
    [high_dmo_3] => We include performance data in our Annual DMO or sustainability report
    [created_at] => 2022-11-09 12:01:46
    [updated_at] => 2024-04-15 12:02:19
    [year] => 2022
    [id] => 283
    [year] => 2022
    [city_id] => 39
    [city_name] => Prague
    [score_type] => city
    [Total] => 51.03
    [Total_rank] => 56
    [Environment] => 63.33
    [Environment_rank] => 27
    [Social] => 68.42
    [Social_rank] => 14
    [Supplier] => 28.57
    [Supplier_rank] => 41
    [DMO] => 44.53
    [DMO_rank] => 39
    [longitude] => 14.43780049999998
    [latitude] => 50.0755381
    [population] => 1310000
    [country] => Czechia
    [region] => Eastern Europe
    [created_at] => 2022-11-09 12:00:22
    [updated_at] => 2022-11-09 12:00:22

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