26 May 2023 – FIEXPO Exhibitions Group, PROMTUR, GDS-Movement and #Meet4Impact join forces to start in this new edition the first stage of the Sustainability and Legacy strategy, promoting a more sustainable meetings industry towards regeneration in Latin America.

FIEXPO Latin America is preparing to celebrate a new edition of the most important event in Latin America within its MICE industry. From 19 – 22 June, FIEXPO will receive qualified international associations, corporate buyers, incentive sector members, and exhibitors, from Argentina, Brazil, Barbados, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and beyond, in Panama City.

Project Outline

With the support and co-creation of GDS-Movement, #Meet4Impact, and PROMTUR Panama, FIEXPO Latin America will focus on the “Transformative Power of Meetings” to reinforce its commitment and responsibility in the region. It will involve the concepts and best practices of sustainability, innovation, legacy, and the event’s sustainability contributions.

Through the Sustainability & Legacy event project led by events sustainability experts, GDS-Movement and #Meet4Impact, FIEXPO will implement a strategy to engage stakeholders, the local community, and the Latin American MICE Industry to co-create and operate a more responsible event to empower environmental, social and economic transformation.

GDS-Movement and #Meet4Impact are integrating their events methodologies to develop the FIEXPO Sustainability & Legacy event project. The organisations are working closely to integrate the sustainability and legacy into the educational and event programme.

The composite team includes the expertise and talents of:

Vivian Nardone, Chief Operating Officer, FIEXPO Exhibitions Group

Santiago Gonzalez, COO MICE Consulting | Development and Project Director, FIEXPO Exhibitions Group

Genevieve Leclerc, CEO and Co-founder of #Meet4Impact, and social impact expert for this project

Beatriz Ibanez, senior changemaker at both GDS-Movement and #Meet4Impact, and senior social impact consultant for this project

Alejandra H. Zita, Latin American Changemaker at GDS-Movement, and sustainability consultant for this project

Guy Bigwood, CEO and Chief Changemaker at GDS-Movement, and sustainability expert for this project

“The FIEXPO Exhibitions Group is demonstrating a resolute dedication to sustainability and impact for the LATAM communities, “says Genevieve Leclerc, CEO and Co-founder of #Meet4impact. “We are thrilled to collaborate with the GDS-Movement to support FIEXPO, alongside their destination partner PROMTUR, in embracing this change, strengthening their legacy, and maximising their potential for creating a positive impact.”

“We are really excited by this bold initiative,” says Guy Bigwood, CEO and Chief Changemaker, GDS-Movement. “By inviting collaboration around legacy and sustainability development for this key annual event in the region, FIEXPO Exhibitions Group, PROMTUR are demonstrating great leadership. We are excited to work with #Meet4Impact to support the expansion of FIEXPO Latin America’s positive impacts and look forward to this seeding greater change beyond the event in the broader industry.”

The event takes place 19 – 22 June 2023 and you can find out more about the interested parties here:

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