In our GET INSPIRED series we will be showcasing Destination applications and case studies submitted for the Innovation Award in 2017.  

The third in our series is the winner for this year’s Innovation Award, Gothenburg for their Got Event” app.   This app, is the first in its kind addressing accessibility within events and venues to enhance the events experience for those living with accessibility challenges.

So what does the app offer to its users? It offers live visual interpretation during events, sign language interpretation of the arena sound during events, hearing loop alternative offers amplification of the arena sound, information such as how to get to the arena and how to get assistance on-site, arena overview and how to access restrooms, restaurants and other facilities and more custom information about each event.   It was developped by Got Event AB, Teckenspråksforum (Sign language Forum), City department of sports and leisure, The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS), External event organisers, Radio Sweden (web radio for live visual interpretation) as the main stakeholders and in collaboration with Hjärnkraft (organisation cognitive impairments), Synskadades Riksförbund Gothenburg SRF (organisation visual impairments), Sveriges Dövblinda (organisation visual and hearing impairments), Göteborgs Dövas Förening (organisation hearing impairments), (visual interpretation), Interpretors.

The app is available for iPhone users and will be available to Android users in 2018.  With those living with accessibility challenges in mind, the app was developed to make arenas more accessible and so that a broader audience can take part in sports events, concerts and family entertainment. As well as the opportunity to boost and improve the experience for people with vision, hearing, dyslexia, cognitive and neuropsychiatric impairments as well as their participation.   Now what makes this app so great is that, there is no app with similar functions on the market today, it doesn’t really have any technical limits and can be easily replicated and will surely increase accessibility for everyone, and enhance the event experience. More importantly it addresses more than just people with accessibility challenges. It addresses the current global demographic changes with the general ageing global population and with thus their growing needs as tourists and visitors terms of customization, service consumption and security.

The app has shown great support, success with moving testimonials such as this one during the FEI European Championships:

“I would like to express my gratitude to Got Event and I tried the app and it made me feel more present and engaged in the event. And I felt a bit like before, when I could see. I look forward to the ice hockey season and I hope that I can take part in the games with another dimension in my life.”

Gothenburg has inspired us all with this action, which is why it has rightfully won the Innovation Award as well as the Leadership Award this year with their scores coming on top once more for a second year.