We are excited to announce that we have joined over 350 destinations, businesses, associationsacademia and media partners in support of the new set of Guiding Principles launched by the Future of Tourism Coalition. Together we will do our part to build a better tomorrow for travel and tourismone that retains the integrity of destinations, promotes inclusivity and equality, maximises positive impacts for communities and environments, and fosters collaborative change. 

The newly formed Future of Tourism Coalition is made up of the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST), Destination Stewardship Center, Green Destinations, Sustainable Travel International, Tourism Cares, and the Travel Foundation, with the guidance of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). This collaborative effort aims to chart a more sustainable direction for tourism and shift the status quoThey are calling upon tourism agencies, travel companies, governments, investors, non-governmental organisations, and destination communities to voice their commitment and sign up to the thirteen transformative principles in order to align their strategies and actions as they move forward from the COVID-19 pandemic.  They will offer all signatories support on the journey to build a new future and aide them in advancing their long-term sustainability strategies 

The GDS-Movement joins the Future of Tourism to share additional specialism, network and influence, and offer regenerative perspectives to the conversation.  

Guy Bigwood, Managing Director of the GDS-Movement commented, “We applaud the important work done by the founders of Future of Tourism and are excited to participate in The Future of Tourism, and to bring an events and regenerative development perspective to the conversation. We look forward to collaborating and developing new insights, partnerships and projects together.”  

Jeremy Sampson, Chairperson of the Future of Tourism said, “It’s great that the Global Destination Sustainability Movement has become the latest organisation to sign up to the Future of Tourism Coalition’s guiding principles, and we are looking forward to collaborating with them. They are a great fit for the Coalition. Together we can amplify our messages and provide the tools for regenerative businesses and destinations, based on a sound understanding of the impacts of tourism on people and places.”  

Learn more at www.futureoftourism.org. #FutureofTourism 

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