Image courtesy of Goteborg ElectriCity

Gothenburg is currently the scene of ElectriCity – an exciting cooperative venture bringing together industry, research and society in the development and testing of solutions for next-generation sustainable public transport. The bus-route 55 offers quiet, exhaust-free buses that pick up passengers indoors and are powered by electricity from renewable sources.   ElectriCity is highlighted as an innovative collaboration in the field of new, clean public transport.

By electrifying public transport, we can develop new ways to travel while reducing problems with noise and air quality, and significantly reduces energy consumption and the impact of transport on the climate. It creates new opportunities for travelling, building and living in the cities of the future. This is an area in which western Sweden is leading the way. Around 100 delegations consisting of 5500 persons from all over the world have visited Gothenburg to find out more about ElectriCity. In December, China awarded Gothenburg for sustainable urban planning, and Volvo Buses recently received an order for 90 electric buses from Belgium.

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