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Our reports highlight key sustainable travel trends affecting the business and leisure tourism industry, and inspire regenerative actions by showcasing sustainability initiatives from destinations around the world. The insights contained in these reports serve as a roadmap to build more regenerative tourism through the best travel destinations engaging global destination sustainability.


    A Guide to Action on Climate Change

    28 Action Steps
    The guide provides a comprehensive overview of various strategies to address climate change. It covers a wide range of initiatives, including educating visitors on sustainable choices, collaborating with the food sector to reduce food waste, and supporting innovative transportation solutions like electric vehicles and high-speed rails.

    The 2023 GDS-Index Report – Results, Trends, and Insights

    The Ripple Effect

    In the 7th GDS-Index benchmarking report, we honour the trailblazing destinations propelling a sustainable and regenerative agenda. Get data-based insights and trends informing the increasingly positive impacts of tourism and events across the earth.


    The 2022 GDS-Index Report – Results, Trends, and Insights

    Raising the Bar

    The GDS-Index showcases brave and pioneering destinations that recognise the urgent need to collaborate towards the regeneration of our cities and towns and actively work towards creating places that visitors, communities, and nature can flourish in.


    A guide for Regenerative Destinations

    Certifications for Sustainability

    This guide aims to provide a trustworthy resource that enables you and your stakeholders to choose the certification that best fits the needs of their organisation. All the certifications listed are globally recognised.


    Sustainability in Scandinavian meetings destinations

    2013 SDSI

    Driven by a commitment to make the meetings industry more sustainable, organisations from ICCA’s Scandinavian Chapter began a project to create a “Sustainable Scandinavian Meetings Region”. This reports contains insights on their 2013 performance.


    First steps towards Indexing Sustainability

    2012 SDSI

    The Scandinavian Sustainable Destination Index measures and compares the sustainability performance of 16 Scandinavian destinations. By sharing best practices, this collaboration aims to create the first sustainable meetings region in the world.