The City of Sydney and Business Events Sydney collaborate to reinforce the sustainability performance of the City and tourism sector   How can Sydney’s accommodation and entertainment venues boost visitor numbers and local employment, open new markets and save up to $32 million by 2030?   By making environmental sustainability a priority.   More than 10 million people visit Sydney each year, which makes it Australia’s largest accommodation market.   Sydney may be an attractive destination, but that comes at a significant environmental cost.   Sydney’s accommodation and entertainment sector is responsible for 21% of the City of Sydney’s total greenhouse gas emissions, consumes 14% of potable water and generates 47% of the city’s commercial waste.   The City of Sydney’s new plan, Making Sydney a Sustainable Destination, outlines how they work together to reduce the environmental impact of accommodation and entertainment venues, save money and attract new customers, through a strong engagement with their stakeholders:

  • Owners can invest in building upgrades
  • Operators embrace environmental ratings
  • Event organisers can foster sustainable partnerships
  • Governments can strengthen policies and
  • Visitors can reward businesses with bookings and positive reviews.

The report is out for consultation and contribution, check it out here. Find out more about Business Events Sydney here