In recent years, client demand for sustainable practices has grown steadily. According to the 2020 IMEX Natureworks Research, 90% of tourism and event industry professionals consider sustainability “important” or “extremely important”, with 79% of them increasing their focus in sustainability in the past year.  

With this increase in demand for sustainable practices, sustainability certifications play a critical role in providing organizations with external validation on issues such as environmental performance, health & safety and legal compliance.  

For this reason, we are thrilled to publish the GDS-Movement Guide for Sustainability Certifications. This guide serves as a trustworthy resource to enable you and your stakeholders to choose the certification that best fits the needs of their organization. A list of KPAs (Key Performance Areas) and the type of organizations that can apply to each certification will help to identify the best option for you. All the certifications listed are globally recognized.

“One of the key objectives of the GDS-Movement is to accelerate the number of businesses and destinations with independent third-party sustainability certification. A good certification programme drives business performance, builds brand value and improves socially and environment impacts.” 
Guy Bigwood, Chief Changemaker and Managing Director of the GDS-Movement.