Certificate in Regenerative Destination Management


Developing and improving your destination stewardship and sustainability strategy.

Destinations management organizations face significant challenges on how to develop their tourism and events strategy in harmony with local stakeholders, environmental boundaries, and economic goals. This course serves to improve the expertise of DMO professionals in crafting destination sustainability strategies, in leveraging the power of tourism and events for social and environmental impact, and in telling a compelling story of destination stewardship and regeneration.



This interactive, fun and collaborative training course is for mid to senior level professionals of Municipalities/Government, Destination Management Organizations and Convention Bureaus.


Learner Outcomes

  1. Gap Analysis: Be able to conduct a Gap Analysis to understand the sustainability strengths, challenges and opportunities facing your destination, and how this compares to other destinations.
  2. Strategy: Be able to use a framework and best practices to develop and implement a sustainability strategy, policy and practices for your destination.
  3. Stakeholder Engagement: Gain tools and insights in how to engage and listen to stakeholders, and then turn this input into a winning regenerative vision and strategy
  4. SDGs: Learn how to support and use the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  5. Storytelling: Improve your ability to develop an authentic and effective sustainability communications strategy
  6. Sharing: Exchange ideas, successes and failures with like-minded peers.
  7. Certification: Understand the value of using frameworks such as the GDS-Index, GSTC and then the value of achieving destination certification. Review and understand the potential options that exist in the market



Course Modules

  1. Leadership: From Strategy To Stewardship To Regeneration
  2. SDGs, Frameworks, Certifications And Standards
  3. Supply Chain Management
  4. Stakeholder Engagement And Capacity Building
  5. Storytelling & Communication
  6. Measurement & Reporting
  7. Social Innovation, Community Engagement and Impact
  8. Driving A Regenerative Local Food Revolution
  9. Closing The Loop: Building A Circular Tourism Economy
  10. Nature Based Design: Biophilic Inspiration For Destination Stewardship
  11. Diversity and inclusion
  12. Bring it all together



The course is taught by the GDSM team, and sustainability professionals from leading destinations and academic institutions from around the world.

We will use case studies, presentations and groupwork to exchange and develop ideas, experiences and mindsets.


Practical Information

Length: 24 Hours of online learning + 3 rounds of groupwork + pre-reading

Assessment: Collaborative project and individual online exam

Dates: June-September 2021

Costs: 1300€